Linux makefile | dynamic library


When creating a Dynamic library, export target `linux Makefile', a few flags are missing.

Extra compiler flags: -fPIC

Extra linker flags: -shared

It is trivial to add them myself, but since the project type is `Dynamic library' and to my best knowledge every shared library will need those, i guess this is an oversight. The output file is also created as an executable (+x) which is not needed for a library.



Do you definitely need -fPIC? The only platform I'm aware of that requires PIC is Windows.


I've been using the last version of the Projucer, and the problem is still here : the generated makefile generates a static library, instead of a dynamic one. I agree with Yvan that "-fPIC" and "-shared" should be added, and the generated binary should have the ".so" extension.

Juce is such an amazing toolset, it really stramlines all the buildchain, so please please fix this.

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