List of preprocessor definitions

Is there a list of all the JUCE_ extra pre-processor definitions and their purpose?


It can be found in the module headers per module.
You can recognise them because the comment starts with Config:. This is the magic word for Projucer to show it as configurable option, e.g. here:

A curated list over all modules would be helpful, since it’s not always clear where to look for them. But that’s something the JUCE team usually avoids. A little stretch of the DRY argument :wink:

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Here is a method to can generate a list (but without explanations)


I just checked the doxygen docs. If there was a way to exclude filenames from the search, then searching for “JUCE_” could help a lot. Sadly the filenames follow the same naming convention, so it’s hard to spot the macro you are looking for.

Maybe SHOW_FILES=NO would do the trick?

EDIT: I just tried that locally, it removes clutter, but most config options are not included in the doxygen search.

i would like to support this as a feature request to JUCE’ documentation. it’s already pretty good with all that doxygen stuff. but there should be even more. an extra page that has a sub page only for this, a list of all preprocessordefines and their main usecases as example. also a list of all component types with little screenshots or gifs or videos (yeah probably videos!) to explain their function