Python script to add Juce header preprocessor flags to Doxygen group definition

Hello all,

After studying the script in the Doxygen folder, I came up with this little snippet of code that can parse a module header for documented preprocessor defines:

def process_preprocessor_defines (file_contents):

	config_token = "/** Config:"

	preprocessor_defines = []

	while file_contents:
		idx = file_contents.find (config_token)

		if (idx < 0):

		file_contents = file_contents[idx+len(config_token):]

		preprocessor_defines.append (file_contents[:file_contents.find ("*/")])

	return preprocessor_defines

It can easily be integrated like so:

prepoc_defines = process_preprocessor_defines(file_contents)

# Create a Doxygen group definition for the module.
        module_definiton = []
        module_definiton.append("/** @defgroup {n} {n}".format(n=module_name))
        module_definiton.append("    {d}".format(d=short_description))
        for line in detail_lines:
            module_definiton.append("    - {l}".format(l=line))

      if (prepoc_defines):
            module_definiton.append ("")
            module_definiton.append ("Preprocessor configuration flags:")

            for preproc_definition in prepoc_defines:
                module_definiton.append ("    - {l}".format (l=preproc_definition))

        module_definiton.append("    @{")

Here is what the output looks like: Lemons: lemons_core

I think this could be a really beneficial addition to JUCE’s documentation - I hope this is helpful!