ListBox type

Are there any ListBox controls people have made out there that accept an arbitrary component for a listrow? Wouldn’t take long to make, but I’d prefer to save the thirty minutes coding a decent one for something else if it has already been made. Subclassing the ListBox in the api still basically involves allowing only one type of component. Is there something else in the api that I have not seen that allows a list of components to be placed in and scrolled up/down, preferably while retaining the added components height, but changing its width to fit the header width, which of course if it is wider then the list control then it would scroll left/right as well?

Hi Over,
I’m facing the same problem without result.
I need a ListBox that shows some wav filename. I can’t use the SimpleListBox because the rows must be draggable to a target.

I still don’t understand how to inherit from ListBox API and add rows to the custom list box.

Could you help me?

thanx a lot
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He also PM’ed me, I got that earlier and already responded, he can post it if he wishes.

I’ve posted the one I use in Useful tools

hi and thanx

This is obviously a popular one, so I’ll have a play around with the ListBox and find a neat way to sort out the dragging stuff. It’s a bit silly having to use a whole different class just because you want to drag stuff.

I know Jules, but it is the fastest method to do this. I have to spend more time to the audio process, not on the GUI :smiley:

sorry, that wasn’t a criticism - I just meant that it’s silly that the only workaround is to write another class. I’ll get it cleaned up for the next version.

Don’t worry Jules, it wasn’t an hard task. I’m still not an experienced programmer.

I think I’ll use LibSndFile for reading multichannel data to save a little time.
I’ve used it for the previous multichannel plugins.

In the future I hope to modify your AudioFormatReader/Writer classes for doing the same task.

thanx a lot