ListBoxModel Tooltip Suggestion

My idea would be to have some sort of way so that when a user hovers over a non-empty row, a kind of tooltip would appear showing information the user specified. This could be useful in a long list, whose descriptions are long horizontally therefore not letting you see the whole thing. So a person could hover over an item to see what the rest of the info is, or something else that can be set. Is this already possible?

Well yes, you could use a custom component which has a tooltip.

Could someone point me to the place where I could modify the code to make a ListBox display a tooltip when the mouse hovers over one of it’s rows (a non-empty road).

I’m looking for the exact same info… Any help? What do you do, make a tooltip for the ListBox then dynamically change it based on the mouse position or something?

you could do that, or you could do what Jules suggested two posts above, and use a custom component for your list items.

Both approaches would work, but despite a small amount of extra coding, the custom component approach is hugely easier to implement, read, and maintain.