Listening to/intercepting keyboard events in plugin scenario

I'm wondering if JUCE provides a means to listen to keyboard events the "current application" is getting, without any component to have a focus.


I'm developing an After Effects plugin that brings certain pleasures to the user and After Effects is kind of horrible in what API it provides for the plugin. In particular, there isn't even a means to configure keyboard shortcuts for the user for the built-in commands of After Effects, let alone anything plugins do.

In my quest for finding ways to make the user experience suck less, I'm wondering if I can still provide key shortcuts in a more hacky way.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of win32 is very limited and that of MacOS is nonexistent (the two platforms relevant here).

JUCE already delighted me when experiments confirmed that I can summon up actual UI stuff from within my plugin (worked on windows, anyway). That's much farer than I got with QT, which I tried first.

So maybe there is a way?

Thank you in advance,