Listening to sample rate changes


following an old topic from 2013 (External Sample Rate Change Handling) reported and apparently fixed in MAC, I realized the same issue is happening in Plugin Host for windows. Is this issue addressed in some way?



Sorry, can you explain more clearly what’s going wrong?


there is an old topic from 2013 named External Sample Rate Change Handling (I also posted in the continuity there, but it seems a little weird to wake up a 3 year old topic, so I opened a new)

Anyway, when opening the plugin host example (in windows), and changing the sample rate externally (from sound card settings for example), the sound is either stopping or changing pitch, what makes us think the host does not report the sample rate change to the plug-in, in a way it could prepare itself to the change.

In the previous topic, it seems that a fix was brought for MAC, I did not check if the issue is reproduced in MAC or not but what is sure, is that it is reproduced in Windows.

Thanks for help

Nathaniel Perez


some idea maybe?


Read: sampleRateHasChanged on OSX…

No fix has been issued.



I can see you are the one that opened the thread thread.
Did you finally fix it by your own?



I’m not using the Standalone code (yet) so I’ve put off spending time on it in the hope that it’d be fixed in JUCE by the time I needed it.