Little menu glitch

I recently added a Help category to my mac app’s menu. I’m aware that the Search box that pops up is a mac thing that’s hard-coded to the word “help”, which isn’t a problem.

However, after opening the app, if I select the Help category in the menu, the popup menu drops down, reveals the search box, but only shows my menu items for a split second before they disappear. If I close the popup, and then re-click Help, the menu items show up and stay there, as expected.

Furthermore, if after first opening the app, I select a different menubar category before selecting the Help category, it works fine. It’s only if Help is the very first menubar option clicked. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

So I titled the menu "Help " instead of “Help” and that extra little space after the p made the mac treat the menu like a normal menu, which got rid of the Search box as well as my weird little glitch.

Same problem here (v1.53), it seems this bug has never been addressed. Any fix for it ?


To test this, I took the Introjucer, and tried renaming its "Tools" menu to "Help", but AFAICT it works just fine.

If you can suggest something simple I could try that does reproduce it, I'll take a look.