This would be a really useful function to have in JUCE somewhere…unless it’s already there and I’ve not noticed. Serious applications might need more flexibility - but a lot of the time this is all that’s needed for testing and making toys…

AudioSampleBuffer * loadAudioSampleBuffer(const File & source, double * sampleRate = nullptr)

	AudioFormatManager afm;

	ScopedPointer<AudioFormatReader> reader = afm.createReaderFor(source);

	if (!reader)
		return nullptr;

	auto buffer = new AudioSampleBuffer(reader->numChannels, int(reader->lengthInSamples));
	reader->read(buffer, 0, int(reader->lengthInSamples), 0, true, true);

	if (sampleRate != nullptr)
		*sampleRate = reader->sampleRate;

	return buffer;
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ScopedPointer<AudioFormatReader> reader (afm.createReaderFor (source)); perhaps? :slight_smile:

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That is a good point :wink: I’ve updated it.