Local IP address of the computer?

I could not find a function in JUCE to get the computer’s IP address on the local network, does anyone have a cross-platform solution for this? Or could you add it Jules?

Not something I’ve ever thought about. Must be fairly easy to find though?



To be pedantic, it’s any IP in the network (so also works, etc…)
Anyway, it’s not something simple, since you can have multiple network card on your computer, a wifi device, a bluetooth device too, or even a single netword card using multiple ip (think of eth0:0 and eth0:1).
The interface could be down but assigned IP address too (think of a DHCP network where you’ve disconnected the cable, your card is still x.x.x.x but is now down, the IP doesn’t mean anything in that case), or “the Automatic Private IP Address” (169.x.x.x) from this protocol that all Windows OS follow.
So, if you are more verbose about what you want to do, maybe we could help ?