lockArray() and getComponentProperty()?

trying to move from juce 1.50 amalgmated to the current version in git tip and am running into some differences that I dont know quite what to do about . sorry to be dense but i dont see docs for these changes in the doc tree

ive been using getComponentPropertyInt() / setComponentProperty()

(Im setting a “type” enum in my windows so I can iterate juce’s TopLevelWindow aray and know what windows ive got.)

im also using Ownedarray’s lockArray() and unlockArray()

these are missing or removed from the git tip version of juce_amalgamated. are there replacements of some sort?


Sorry, the docs don’t reflect the tip yet. Will be doing a new release soon and will update them.

The new stuff isn’t too hard to find though - look for Component::getProperties() and OwnedArray::getLock()