Logic, Audio Unit, Surround and Side-Chain

I’m trying to build multi-channel plug-in.
However if I’m create BusProperties with additional bus for side-chaining,

The plug-in will fail to load only in multi-channel (5.1/7.1/etc) scenarios.

Failed to load Audio Unit “Plugin”, please contact the manufacturer for an updated version or further assistance. (no assertion, no nothing, I’ve also tested this on Intel machine and assured debugger attaches correctly).

Removing the side-chain bus, gets it to load just fine.

If this is some strange ‘by design’ gotcha of Logic/AU, is there a way we can request the side-chain only for specific layouts?

Activated by default flag on the BusProperties don’t do anything.

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Oddly, I got it working after commenting out the ‘side-chain’ limit:

    if (layout.getNumChannels (true, 1) > 2)
        return false;

What’s strange though, it requires support for this layouts but no side-chain will be actually available.