Logic Pro X MIDI-FX -> Plug-In Latency Compensation = timeshift

hi guys!
In Logic there is an option for latency compensation. So every Track is shifted in time according to the sum of latency and all tracks are then happy and in sync.
But for some reason my plugin or the AudioPlayHead are not together with the main sync so everything is time-shifted. back or forwards.
Let’s say I’m firing an constant MIDI event every beat (4th).
Any idea on how to deal with this problem?

I’ve done a little more investigation and it turns out that the scripter plugin in Logic has the same problem. In general it’s a Logic problem…
If someone can test it if it is reproducable:
open Logic and set in Preferences -> Audio -> General-> Plugin-Latency to All.
create new session.
create audioinstrument track
load exs24 -> Factory-> Drum & Percussion -> Percussion -> Coffee Shop Percussion
Load the Scripter plugin and open the Drum Probability Sequencer Script.
Now if you press Play you’ll experiance that the Latency compensation shifts all notes too early…
Really weird…