"Look ahead" audio buffering- is this possible with JUCE?

Would it be possible for a JUCE effect VST to “look ahead” at audio on a current mixer channel and then process that audio? The reason I want to do this is for a time stretching VST: the idea is that I would grab the audio in real time, time stretch it, and then time stretch it back, to emulate the artifacting of time stretching.

That’s not part of the common plugin specifications that JUCE supports. (Like VST.)

You could do some hacks that would involve buffering the audio etc, but that would add latency/timing issues. There would also need to be some time limit how long you can allow the plugin to run at a time before resetting the state. (Because obviously the plugin couldn’t buffer its input and output audio indefinitely.)

Yeah, this effect would be recommended for use only in “post” (rather than being used while composing a track).

I will look into audio buffering then, thanks for the recommendation.