Look and feel and toolbars

i’ve adopted the standard juce toolbar instead of mine, but the look and feel doesn’t give complete control over the toolbar paint methods:

  • in paintToolbarBackground there should be the possibility to use a specific toolbar background colour instead of an hardcoded one.
  • paintToolbarButtonBackground is good, but i lack paintToolbarButton in which i’ll draw the button using its state (i want to change the disabled state of a button to be 0.5 alpha blended, or the mouseOver to do a setOverlayColour over the Drawable, not the background), this could be changed by using different states for the ToolbarButton constructor also, not taking only the button normal and toggled image, but also the disabled and overed (like any other DrawableButton).

any possibility ?

Sure, I’ll make some of the toolbar colours into proper adjustable ones - I should really have done that when I updated all the colour stuff. And I’ll check out the button code and see what I can do. Cheers.

i mainly do something like:

	DrawableImage icon, iconOver, iconDown, iconDisabled, iconToggled;
	Image* imageToSet = ImageCache::getFromMemory (imageData, imageDataSize);
	// normal icon
	icon.setImage (imageToSet, true);
	icon.setOverlayColour (Colours::beige.withAlpha (0.25f));

	// over icon
	iconOver.setImage (imageToSet, true);
	iconOver.setOverlayColour (Colours::black.withAlpha (0.125f));

	// down icon
	Image* smallImg = new Image (Image::ARGB,22,22,false);
	Graphics g (*smallImg);
	g.fillAll (Colours::transparentWhite);
	smallImg->multiplyAllAlphas (0.0f);
	g.drawImage (imageToSet, 2, 2, 18, 18, 0, 0, buttonSize, buttonSize);
	iconDown.setImage (smallImg, true);

	// disabled icon
	iconDisabled.setImage (imageToSet, true);
	iconDisabled.setOpacity (0.35f);

	// toggle icon
	Image* smallOnImg = new Image (*smallImg);
	iconToggled.setImage (smallOnImg, true);
	iconToggled.setOverlayColour (Colours::red.withAlpha (0.35f));

	// this is the real button
	DrawableButton* button = new DrawableButton (title, DrawableButton::ImageRaw);
	button->setImages (icon, iconOver, iconDown, iconDisabled, iconToggled);

as this looks extremely smooth and cute… having control on how the images of the buttons appears in the toolbar would be perfect…

p.s. thanx as usual !!! :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is related or not, but I’m having a problem with my toolbar losing color when it loses focus. Is there a way to tell it to always act like it’s in focus? Likewise, when my toolbar is in focus, my menu items are no longer available to be clicked. How do I tell these components never to act like they are out of focus?

I think you’d need to set up a custom look and feel that ignores focus and always draws them looking the same.