LookAndFeel for iOS?

Hello JUCErs!

I’m thrilled about the new JUCE-on-smartphone progress, and wanted to know who (if anyone) is working on a JUCE LookAndFeel subclass for Android-look widgets.

(Has this been answered before?)


Stephen Pope
Santa Barbara, CA

…by which I of course mean iOS-look and feel…


Do you mean you want to try and emulate the look and feel of native iOS components? Apple will not allow you to put an app up that emulates their components. It is mentioned somewhere in their UI guidelines . .



Really? You mean we have to re-code our all-C++ JUCE GUI in ObjC to use iOS widgets?


Please, say it isn't true (says the developer of the complex app)...




You do not have to use Apple's widgets, you just can't closely emulate them with a JUCE version. They have to be something that is clearly not an Apple widget, or something that actually is an apple widget that does what the user would expect from that widget.