Thanks for the new LookAndFeel_V4!

Small issue in the Demo: When changing the look and feel via keyboard shortcuts, the background colour of e.g. the Tabs & Widgets demo doesn’t get updated.

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Assuming Projucer v5 uses LookAndFeel_V4, I’d like to add that the state of tick boxes is barely noticeable anymore. At least with the dark look. It is hard to skim project settings at a glance. There needs to be way more contrast.

Thanks @samuel, I’ll take a look at that and get it sorted out.

@ans Is this only when using the dark scheme? I personally don’t find it that difficult to see the ticks but I could make the colour a little brighter if it’s an issue.


May I post an issue in this topic?

About LookAndFeel_v4: the radio button’s ‘□’ is too big and the ‘√’ is too small.
The old radio button just fine, only need to thinner the ‘√’ from my opinion.

Default linear slider looks doesn’t as good as the old…

You can always use the old LookAndFeel for specific Components by calling Component::setLookAndFeel() on them.


The default TextEditor still can’t display any non-ASCII chars…Sign…

Is it so hard to support the OS’s default font??

Yes, ed95, of course I can do that. in fact, I wrote a myLookAndFeel class for every app I made…

I post these for JUCE, not for myself…I hope JUCE looks more beautiful by its default…

Because of this, the ‘UTF-8 String Literal Converter’ of Projucer almost totally useless for most foreign programmers. ironically, this function just prepared for them…


The ComboBox’s ‘∨’ (on the right) looks so disharmonious. The old LookAndFeel_v3 just fine of it.

CodeEditorComponent still doesn’t support IME on Windows. I guess TextEditor doesn’t support IME on Linux also same as usual…

void CodeEditorComponent::setTemporaryUnderlining (const Array<Range<int> >&)
    jassertfalse; // TODO Windows IME not yet supported for this comp..

I saw this for many years. My eyes hurt, my heart broken… :smiley:

AlertWindow still has no title bar, as fair and clear as a naked baby.

I think it’s not so easy to keep simplicity so thorough-paced and so many years, however, JUCE done it :smiley:

What?? normal button’s background color (by default) becomes transparent??

I think ‘text field’ turned into ‘______’ isn’t a good idea. I know web design style is more and more popular.

But, gentlemen, we are jucer, jucer…!!!

It does support some non-ASCII characters. The default JUCE font just has really poor support (including many incorrectly mapped symbols). From my experience, greek, coptic, a bit of Latin Extended, and a small subset of Math symbols are all supported. I haven’t messed with Mandarin/Japanese however.

It doesn’t even have to support default system fonts. Using something like FreeSerif/FreeSans would be miles above the default JUCE font.

Yes, mainly the dark scheme lacks contrast. The ticks could be thicker for all color schemes, though. As said, I think it’s important that ticked boxes stand out immediately.

@samuel @ans I’ve pushed fixes for these issues to develop