LookAndFeel weirdness

If i set LookAndFeel like so

LookAndFeel::setDefaultLookAndFeel (&gekonLookAndFeel);

i get calls to getTypefaceForFont () and it’s all nice

however if i use

LookAndFeel::setDefaultLookAndFeel (&junoLookAndFeel);
// and later
myComponent->setLookAndFeel (&gekonLookAndFeel);

myComponent get’s the new gekon look and feel minus the calls to getTypefaceForFont (), is this ok and the font call will be only in the default LookAndFeel ?

Well, that’s what you’d expect - fonts don’t know which component you’re interested in, they just use the default look and feel.

well that’s no good :slight_smile:

but i’ll live i just wanted to know if that’s what should happen. i trust you fearless leader if you say it is so, it will be.