Looking for a basic oscilloscope library

I’m looking for a basic oscilloscope library. Best would be MIT licensed or similar.
The very basics are enough. I just want to display the current waveform as stable as possible to give the user some feedback. Thought I’d ask for something readily available.

I’m about to finish an OpenGL accelerated oscilloscope Component in the next week that will be shared by a permissive license on GitHub. Just need some time to refactor the code here and there and bundle everything in a module before I want to share it.

This is what it looks like, on the bottom you see a spectral analyzer built around the same core classes, basically a GL accelerated 2D Plot Component. Colours are of course completely customizable and the settings bar above the oscilloscope is also just a quick implementation which is not part of the oscilloscope per default.


Looks exactly like the thing I’m looking for. Simple controls and even with a spectrum analyzer. Would love to use it!

Here we go:

Disclaimer: This was an OpenGL exercise for me. I think it works quite smooth and bug-free but so far it’s only tested on my system (Mac OS 10.13) so no guarantee for anything. I’m glad about any kind of feedback. Have fun trying it out!


You should add a LICENSE file to your repo’s root - would make finding out the Licensing conditions much easier. AFAIK, GitHub even has a Button for that somewhere :slight_smile:

Thank you for the hint - I somehow thought that I already had added a license file to the repo and didn’t check twice :wink:

There is also one in Dave’s drowaudio library. He hasn’t updated it in a while, I think my fork is the most up to date, but not sure about that.

Looks like this:

Might be a good choice if you want to avoid OpenGL for some reason.

I decided to go with the @dave96’s oscilloscope and I love it. It has exactly the kind of simplicity I was looking for and works like a charme.