Looking for a cross platform plug-in programmer

My name is JD. I'm a composer from The Netherlands and I have recently published a book for musicians with a home studio who want to do their own mastering: Home Studio Mastering. After the book came out I thought of an easy-to-learn mastering method and started developing a 7-step mastering suite for beginners - with the help of a small team of friends. We’ve got all 7 plug-ins running now (see attachment). They sound quite good and a lot of friends and colleagues are enthusiastic about them and the ‘method’ behind the suite. The problem is we’re only able to compile 32 bit vst2’s for PC, because we’ve build them in Synthedit.That’s why I’m looking for someone who can help me rebuilt them for a cross platform multiformat release with a framework like Juce.

If there is anyone who might see a way for us to collaborate, I’d love to further discuss the project by email or in person.

Hope to hear from you soon!