Looking for a developer to help with JUCE and native mobile projects (Android and iOS)

I’m looking out for a developer to help us with JUCE and native mobile projects.

Ideally you will have:

  • Familiarity with JUCE as well as native Android development with Android Studio, and native iOS development with Xcode.
  • Knowledge of Git, branching and rebasing
  • Experience creating and reviewing merge/pull requests
  • Tidy and consistent code style

Some CMake experience would be a plus but not essential

If you are not already familiar with how to combine native mobile projects with JUCE, I will train you in this sometimes tedious but very useful technique.

Please do not respond here but PM me if interested, with a link to some of your code.


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I think it would help if you also provide some information about the projects in which help is required with, as projects could range anywhere from simple audio players to professional DAW's

The projects are more on the “simple audio player” end of the scale :slight_smile: