Looking for a JUCE Programmer to Develop an Interactive Synthesizer for my Website

Hi Everyone,

I recently just developed a new website that is dedicated to teaching the “fundamentals” of sound synthesis, how to program a synthesizer. I would like to develop an interactive synthesizer for my audience to make it a more fun learning experience.

The first few tutorials, I would imagine, would not be too complicated. I suppose this is an ad for just the first article I have already published. If everything goes well, I wouldn’t mind hiring someone for future articles I write. Correspondence would be through email.

For my first article, I’m teaching the ‘basic waveforms’. I would need a synthesizer that only plays a sine, saw, pulse, and triangle wave. With a ‘start’ and ‘stop’ button. I would like to have a slider that goes along the entire frequency spectrum, 20 Hz to 20k Hz, and a slider for amplitude.

I have asked before if it is possible to embed JUCE into a WordPress website, and I was given this link in response: https://forum.juce.com/t/juce-plugins-in-webassembly/25255
That is what I’m wanting to do.

Pay is negotiable, I’m really not sure what to pay for this kind of work.

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Is there some reason you wouldnt do it in javascript?

No reason. I’m not that knowledgeable in this area. I’ve gotten PMs from people telling me that JUCE wouldn’t be the best option for this. They say Faust, or Web API would be better.

Like those 11 lines of Faust code?

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Damn, is there a way that I could use this code, and integrate it into my WordPress site? :grimacing:

I’ve built this web synth which (I believe) is being used in teaching synthesis. It’s free & open-source (under the MIT license) and you can get just the audio engine and build a UI specifically for your website.


Several things then:

Thanks for these tips, I appreciate it.

I have the Faust code in a JS file from when I exported it using “web”. Where would I go from here? How would I go about developing my own GUI with web techniques? How could I integrate it in a WordPress site? I’d appreciate any help

It would actually be a bit of work. You can read more here: https://faust.grame.fr/community/news/index.html#deploying-faust-dsp-on-the-web (this page is a bit old now, but the general methodology remains valid).

For this kind of work I would recommend using Tone.js because its written in javascript and builds upon and simplifies the use of the Web Audio API.

Ableton, for example, in their learning synthesis and learning music series used this framework.

I have more experience in JUCE / C++ audio development, but have dabbled in Tone.js and Web Audio previously so can help you out here if you’re still looking and are interested.

For a bit of context: I have a background in physics, audio programming and play with hardware / software synths passionately. So I’m quite well versed in this stuff. Just send me a message if you’re interested :slight_smile: