Looking for a Senior software engineer


I’m looking for a freelance senior software engineer preferably based in London or UK.

Skills: C++, JUCE, Multi-channel PCM buffers, UI, Windows dev, Product Development, Software Architecture, DSP(bonus), Unit testing(bonus)

Experience: 5 years (modern)C++, 3 years JUCE, proven experience in delivering commercial software products.

Please contact me at studio@nocte.co.uk

Sounds like something right up my alley of expertise.
I sent you an email
Best Wishes,

I am part of the new accounts team here at BetaBulls and my main responsibility is to build relationships between BetaBulls and small/mid-market technology companies.
We provide peace of mind to companies with our complete technology team so you don’t need to depend on part time developers or freelancers. With end-end ownership of the product we ensure its up and running at all times with a growth driven roadmap. Our on-call support is 24x7 so you can better grow your business.
We are a strong team of 130+ JUCE, C++, Embedded, Java, NodeJS, Mobile and .Net developers to support wide range of technology solutions including IoT device assembly.
For additional info we have contact forms on our website or you can message me back on the forum and we can set up a time to talk.