Looking for a strong Full Stack programmer

Hello All.

Canada based SkyTracks Applications (skytracks.io, various plugins, and a mobile app) is looking for a strong Full Stack programmer with knowledge in TypeScript with Angular for the front end, Node.js for the web API, and a good handle on JUCE based Web Assembly modules. Being comfortable using DAW apps is definitely a plus.

SkyTracks Applications, a family based enterprise, is growing steadily, and has a mission of helping pro musicians and emerging artists to collaborate, allowing teachers to share multitrack music, and studios or post-production units deliver submission of their work to customers.

The person we are looking for may want to work full time, or may also fulfill precise mandates.

If you, or anyone you might recommend, is interested please reply to me publicly or privately at first.

Kind Regards,
Jacques Mignault
SkyTracks Applications Inc.
President, CTO.

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