Looking for advanced Math Library

Hi there

I’m looking for an advanced math functions (or class) library. Of course it should be compatible with Juce.
Any suggestions?


btw. I’m usine VCE (WinXP)

What functionality do you need? Statistics, linear algebra or math. metods?

At the moment I’m interessted in complex numbers. But later it would be nice to have support for matices, linear algebra, analysis…

It would be convenient to have one library that covers “all” the areas so I would not need another library for every problem.


I found http://itpp.sourceforge.net/
That seems to be a nice library. But it depends on MKL and MKL is not freeware/opensource. It should work with other opensource librarys. But it seems not to be very easy to install and compile them (at least for a newbie).
Maybe I’ll try it out onetime. But just now I want to spend my time by coding (useless apps) than fighting with libraries.
For now I’ll try to write a small complex numbers class myself. It’s also a good exercise.
But I’m happy for any other suggestion for mathematical libraries.



i didn’t work with it yet, and i don’t know how it supports complex numbers and matrices - but it seems to provide a comprehensive collection of advanced mathematical functions (bessel, gamma, elliptic,… everything you could dream of (in your worst nightmares) )

Thanks for the information.
I’ll have a look at it.

BTW I wrote a Complex Numbers class by myself. If someone is interested just tell me.


Try the book numerical recipes in C++.