Looking for an experienced freelance JUCE developer

We are an audio DSP company looking for an experienced Juce developer preferably located in France for some contract work (estimated duration: from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the exact agreed scope… and possibly for a longer time period if collaboration is fruitful)

Only a few days on-site should be required. Most of the work can be done remotely.

We already have experience with Juce development, but are about to start a new project for which we want to go beyond our current skills. The purpose of the contract is to speed up the development startup phase through the extra Juce knowledge you will bring.

Note: a significant part of what we need to be implemented is quite general purpose (synth GUI components, parameter management, etc), so if you have already developed some classes that may meet our needs (listed below) through minor adaptation, feel free to reach us as well for discussing an agreement. Re-using existing code is another way to make development faster.

It involves:

  • Assisting us in finalizing the application software architecture (a sample-based instrument editor for our hardware DSP platform)
  • Implementing a skeleton of the application for validating that the main mechanisms are functional in the specified architecture
  • Contributing to a library of JUCE-based reusable classes (mostly GUI related) that will be used in the application (and future ones).

You should be at ease with the following JUCE classes:

  • GUI components like sliders, etc. and related listeners
  • LookAndFeel
  • XmlElement
  • ValueTree and related
  • UndoManager
  • ApplicationCommandManager and related
  • ToolBar and related
  • Synthesizer and related
    and with implementing graphical display / editing features, including:
  • drawing/selecting/moving/editing geometric shapes in a graphical representation
  • real-time waveform display (oscilloscope…)

Please message me if interested.

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