Looking for JUCE Developer (doesn't have to be a pro) for a cool project


I’m David, I’m a signed music producer and I work at a marketing agency in Germany.
I have a really cool idea for a VST/AU Plugin and I’m looking for someone to realize it with.
I have some experience with Web Development but as I tried dipping my toes into JUCE I realized that what I had planned may be a little bit to much for my skill level.
I’ve been getting a lot of positive Feedback on my Plugin from very experienced music industry people, I know this may sound a little bit corny but I do think that this plugin can have a significant impact on the Industry.

I’m looking for someone who isn’t a complete beginner like me but already has a basic understanding of the concepts of Audio Development.
If you’re interested and want to hear more please contact me at: dk@davidkonopka.de

Happy Holidays!

Hey David, I wrote you an email.
If you can’t find it maybe check your spam folder.