Looking for JUCE experienced developer(s)


Hello all,

We are a young French company who develops innovative new MIDI interfaces (http://www.dafact.com/lang-en/)

Today, for a new product with software, we are looking for an IT project manager who used JUCE library for coding our model produced with MAX MSP.
This cross-platform application will use VST plug-in, I/O MIDI, graphics, specific sequencers…
This person will work with people who have developed the model with Max (one of them had an experience with JUCE).
We are looking for someone who can manage an entire project (specification, coding, build on Mac / PC, managing the planning, …).
We would prefer a person located in Europe, near France.

This service will be performed under an employment contract or direct billing.

Please, contact-me for more information.


Bernard, DA FACT