Looking for someone I can pay to occasionally consult about using OpenGL

I’m giving up on using JUCE for rendering graphics. It is great for static graphics that can be buffered in memory, but the performance is very bad for animated graphics. I bought a book on OpenGL but I don’t have time to wade through it. I just want help transferring parts of my existing code into OpenGL. I will do the coding myself. I just want somebody who is experienced with this sort of thing, who I can pay to give me some well-documented demo code based upon my immediate needs and to be available for follow up questions etc.

And yes, I know OpenGL is about to be deprecated by Apple. But in my opinion, it is cheaper for me to continue to use a system that is already known to work well with JUCE since my funds are more limited today, and then in 2+ years I will have significantly more money and can afford to take a chance on other graphics frameworks.

Send me a private message if you’re interested.

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