Looking for someone to build a Synth

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here, so I apologise if I’m posting in the wrong section, or if my question is not quite suited for this forum.

I’m wondering if anyone can recommend an individual or company that would have the chops to pull off a Synth like TAL Software or Diva: The spirit of analogue | u-he .

I know that these are really big expensive projects, but if anyone has any recommendations I would really appreicate it.

I can take care of the visuals and any sampling that needs to happen, but I need someone or a team that can take care of the audio coding side of things.

Thanks so much for anyone who is willing to help.


Are you looking to commission an individual or team? What’s your budget?

You might want to change the category of this to “JUCE Jobs”, so people looking for jobs in this fields are more likely to spot it.

This is the biggest question, and if the answer is not “in excess of $50,000” then may as well give up on this idea.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your replies.

So the budget is flexible. Yes I do know that it’s quite an expensive process.

I’m open to whether it’s an individual or team , but I would think it may have to be a team.

I’ll post in “jobs” as well.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to have a look at the thread .