Looking to hire app developer-$110,000

I’m looking to hire an app developer to program/develop a music social networking app for both ios and android. Must be able to develop social networking apps like instagram, snapchat, etc., and have audio software knowledge. Will pay you $110,000 for the complete job. If interested, email your resume to: lyoelin@gmail.com

Hi lyoelin, I believe you have got your developer by now. If you’re still looking… we would love to serve you the best of us. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve recently published an article on how to hire an app developer, just to help out the entrepreneurs like you. After all, when you hire developers for your startup, you are hiring your technology partner.

Hope it helps you and others.


Azman, I’m interested in potentially hiring you. For more details email me at: lyoelin@gmail.com