Low-level keyboard input

Is JUCE able to capture/intercept low-level keyboard input?

I've been looking into this on OSX.   I eventually found DDHidLib: https://github.com/Daij-Djan/DDHidLib

A few years ago I accomplished something similar on Windows -- it wasn't as hard as I was expecting.

Linux I have no idea.  And on mobile devices I'm not sure if the task is meaningful.


I'm guessing this is a no.  But it would be nice to hear whether it is on the roadmap. I don't think there is any cross-platform/unified low-level keyboard/mouse input handling framework in existence.

Not really sure what this would be good for, and isn't really very easy to implement as a cross-platform solution.

What actual functionality is it that you're looking for? The juce key classes can already tell you when keys go down and up..