Mac Native Menu Bug

So I’ve just updated to the latest tip and I’ve run into a problem with the menus. If I start up my app and issue a key command, the app crashes. It’s sometimes in MenuElement::ResolveStore or _MenuElementGetCount, OSX code I guess. However, if I click with the mouse anywhere on my app, then issue a key command, everything is fine.

I’ve also noticed that Command-` (back tick) only works when using native menus.

I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.7

Is this crash happening in the demo?

Yes it is. Native menu needs to be set in the code so that no mouse interaction occurs before the key command is issued.

The mac menu also crashes if accessed with the mouse. So not just key commands. Same as before, it crashes when no mouse interactions are performed on the app first.

Thanks! I’ll get the fixed right away…

Thanks Jules! Fix confirmed in v1.53.97