Mac OSX : One menuBar for all windows?

Hello, I’m managing a multi-DocumentWindow application.
my MainWindow has a MenuBar, and for it an ApplicationCommmandManager.

My other windows dont have it.

Thus when I’m on an other window the menuBar items are desactivated (they’re grey).

It’s ok, I prefer such a management than in Qt, where the Main MenuBar disappears.

But I’d like to make my Main MenuBar available from any window ?

How must I approach this ? By making a common ApplicationcommandManager ?


PS : if I port it to Win32, the MainMenuBar will be inside the MainWindow, the problem is unexistant for Win32. Unless if we considered key-shortcuts.

Well, you’d need to make sure that the appropriate ApplicationCommandTargets are available. Easiest way to do that would be to use ApplicationCommandManager::setFirstCommandTarget() to specify a target that supports all the commands you want to use, and then they’d always be reachable.

Thanks, it rules,

The best way for Mac development is not to make the main menubar native.
Keep it in the main window, and make it first target…