Mac Universal app/plugin needs Rosetta?

A user just contacted me saying that he tried to install my plugin on a new Mac Studio and got a message that Rosetta needs to be installed. This is odd because my plugin has been Universal for a long time and no other user has told me about this issue. I’m trying to understand why this would be.

Has anyone else come across this?

Are you using an older version of packages to build your installer? If so, the system requirements might be set incorrectly causing Rosetta to be installed. strong text

I didn’t use Packages, just the normal pkgbuild, etc.

It was, however, last built over a year ago. Would Apple’s normal installer have required Rosetta back then?

You can check with an installer inspection tool such as Suspicious Package.


You nailed it.

Suspicious Package showed me that my AAX plugin, the Pace package specifically, was still Intel.

Thank you.

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