Maginifier component question


is this possible to stretch a Magnifier component paint ?
I want to have a mini visualisation of a component,

but in a shape a bit distored from the original, (always rectangle though)
is this possible ?

i.e. is this possible not to respect the ratio widht/height ?

Thank you

Well, it’d be very tricky to get right. It’s probably possible, but you’d have to rewrite a huge amount of the magnifier’s functionality. Can’t imagine what sort of app you’d be writing where that’d be a good way of approaching the problem…

There is an example of the use of Magnifier i think in Max5 (the zoom map).

I’m making a “viewer”-scroller-zoomer as in the Ableton Live Sequence mode, on the top…

I was wondering if a magnifier would be better than redrawing a preview of the elements in my zoomer-scroller.

Unfortunately it is not possible cause I dont respect the ratio width/height, exactly like in the Ableton object…

thanks for your answer

Using a magnifier would be an absolutely insane way of writing something like that! Just write some proper components that can resize themselves!