Meet DAWn, GPLv3 DAW project powered by tracktion engine!

Hey guys, I started this project this week-end after discussing about the documentation:
Check this out!

It is capable of playing and recording midi and audio tracks, as well as featuring a full featured transport bar.
Already created and refactored about 30+ GUI new class files between yesterday and today, and started documenting them.

Even if I did not know much about JUCE and Tracktion until this week, I could add very easily a load of functionality just by searching the source code base, so let me tell you my first impressions:
JUCE+Tracktion are AMAZINGLY easy to use and powerful :slight_smile:

A BIG thanks to Jules, Dave and Roland for their amazing work on these frameworks!




Awesome stuff ! Love the GPL license. I’m kinda beginning a similar project, I’ll have a look at your repo :slight_smile:


nice ! i am very interested in this ! following…
is there a way to contact you ? on Discord ?please

Thanks! I’m adding reusable widgets ATM as I learn more about both JUCE and tracktion, what you see there is only 1.5 a week-end of work but I’ll try to update it this week-end a bit more, a discord page is a great idea! I’ll create one soon …
EDIT: I started this here: