Memory Leak drawing SVG?


I’ve been writing my app primarily in XCode, but recently made a Windows build to test things out… turns out I now see a memory leak in my output window, shutting down.

After some testing, it seems that there’s a bug drawing my SVG graphics…
I’ve duplicated the leak in the Juce Demo app by adding one DrawableButton with a SVG graphic.

I’ve added these lines to the bottom of the PathsAndTransformsDemo consructor.

DrawableButton *pButton = new DrawableButton(T("Mem Leak"), DrawableButton::ImageFitted);
File file(File::getSpecialLocation (File::userDocumentsDirectory).getFullPathName() + File::separator + "Test.svg");

Obviously, to duplicate this, you’ll need the SVG file (I think – I’m guessing that i’ve got something complex going on in my graphics)…
Is there no way to attach files here?
I’ve posted it here … can you work with this?


Are you sure it’s not just the fact that you’re leaking this DrawableButton?

Not leaking the DrawableButton (deleteAllChildren is called in teh PathsAndTransformsDemo’s destructor), but leaking the image.

I just re-read the docs and correctly interpreted them, this time. I mistakenly read that the image keeps the images, but in fact it keeps its own COPIES of the images.
Sorry about that!