Memory leaks even if it is new audio plug-in project

Suddenly, my project leaks memory.
I don’t have any ideas why this is happening.
I didn’t changed any environment, but something’s terribly wrong.
Any suggestions will much be appreciated! Thanks.
Windows7, Visual Studio2017, JUCE 5.4.3

Below is list of leaked object detections from new audio plug-in project::

1 instance(s) of class TimerThread
1 instance(s) of class AsyncUpdater
1 instance(s) of class Thread
3 instance(s) of class WaitableEvent
2 instance(s) of class ClassEntry
1 instance(s) of class JucePluginFactory
1 instance(s) of class OwnedArray
1 instance(s) of class MessageManager

The list above is when I turn off hasEditor().If I turn on hasEditor(), tons of instances leak!
ColourGradient, CachedGlyphEdgeTable, GlyphCache, WindowsDirectWriteTypeface, Typeface, Direct2DFactories, SharedResourcePointer, EdgeTable, SoftwarePixelData, ImagePixelData, OwnedArray, Font, TypefaceCache, LookAndFeel_V4, LookAndFeel_V2, LookAndFeel, Desktop, MouseInputSource, MouseInputSourceInternal, OwnedArray, DrawablePath, FillType, PathStrokeType, Path, DrawableComposite, Drawable, DynamicLibrary, ComponentAnimator, OwnedArray, Component, MouseCursor, TimerThread, AsyncUpdater, Thread, WaitableEvent, ClassEntry, JucePluginFactory, OwnedArray, MessageManager, Image.

And break point occurs four times at ~SingletonHolder().