MessageManager being constructed on a background thread (Mac / Logic Pro X)


Hello -

Just looking at a plugin project and when starting it in Logic (JUCE 5.4.3 and Logic Pro X 10.4.1) the MessageManager is constructed on a background threads, sets the messageThreadId wrong and then asserts all over the place. Is this a bug or something wonky in the code here?

cheers! Jim.


Are you able to reproduce it with any of the JUCE demo plug-ins? I’ve just tried instantiating the AudioPluginDemo in Logic Pro X 10.4.4 and the MessageManager constructor and MessageManager::doPlatformSpecificInitialisation() method are both being called on the correct thread.


Okay - great that you get it on the same thread. So we must have done something :slight_smile: . I’ll see if we can get you a stack trace, maybe it’ll shed some light on this :slight_smile: