Microphone Access issues

Hi there !

I’m working on both OSX and windows platforms mainly for audio applications development.

Current configuration : XCode 12.4 and JUCE 6.0.8

Recently, while working on a project I check the “Microphone” access button (in projucer exporter settings) to implement audio inputs for my project.

First thing I noticed : NO pop up window for microphone permission is prompt.
Then, all the links to local files in the project did not work anymore (functions such as "File::getChildFiles(…), and no audio input is processed.

If I create a new empty project the microphone permission is asked at starting as expected, however as long as I copy my project files into the new project, the same happens.

Has anyone encounter the same issue ? Is there a way to “force” the mic access permission ?

Thanks for helping :wink:

Have you enabled the hardened runtime for your project in the Projucer?

If not, you may need to reset your TCC permissions:


It is crazy how sometimes big problems can be so easily solved… It was the hardened Runtime to check. This may has changed with new Projucer updates or maybe it was checked by default, because it is the first time I see this.

Thank you Matt for you response and responsiveness !