Midi Effect Apergiator contain audio buses even if we do not add any of them

Hi there,

I’m working on a midi effect vst on JUCE 4.3.1 and the issue is as follow:
In the projucer i set only “isMidiEffect” and “VST” to “true”. The related topic on juce forum are advicing to override the MidiEffect Function because the projucer is not doing it correctly so i did it. Here is what i get in the plugin host after compilation :

So there is output and input buses.
In ableton Live this means that the effect is not accepted as a midi effect and cannot be placed before a VST instrument in a track.

After that i tried to compile “as is” the arpegiator contained in the “pluginSample”>“Arpegiator” file.
The projucer set only “VST” and “Midi effect” to “True”, the code take care of not adding inputs and outputs buses and override the “isMidiEffect” function but here is the result shown in the projucer:

So it seems that there is something wrong in the logic of creating Midi effects but i cannot figure out what.

So here are my questions :
1/ Is there a fully working example of midi effect build with JUCE and recognized in ableton as a Midi effect?
2/ If not has someone experienced the same issue?
3/ If not could someone lead me on the pass of success in the quest of building a Midi Effect ?

Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day !

VST2 does not natively support midi effects. This is why JUCE adds “dummy channels” to the plug-in. Only AU truly supports midi effect plug-ins.

Ok thanks for your fast response,

Here are some more questions:
Does VST3 support it by any chance ?

If not and if i understand well the only option i have is to integrate my midi effects directly to a vsti i build or to make a plugin host in a vst format to affect the midi input before it reaches the plugin ?

VST3 does not support midi effect plug-ins. However, Steinberg did release something called the VST module SDK which does support midi effect plug-ins. However, as far as I know, only Cubase supports it.