MIDI file with SMPTE time format bug

Juce midi files with SMPTE time format does not work in popular DAWs (tested on Reaper and Studio One).
The below code creates a file with a note on every second, but in DAWs the timestamps appear around 100 times faster - any idea?

MidiFile mf;
mf.setSmpteTimeFormat (25, 40);

MidiMessageSequence seq;
seq.addEvent(MidiMessage::noteOn(1,45,1.0f), 1000.0f);
seq.addEvent(MidiMessage::noteOn(1,48,1.0f), 2000.0f);
seq.addEvent(MidiMessage::noteOn(1,52,1.0f), 3000.0f);

seq.addEvent(MidiMessage::noteOff(1,52,1.0f), 4000.0f);
seq.addEvent(MidiMessage::noteOff(1,48,1.0f), 4000.0f);
seq.addEvent(MidiMessage::noteOff(1,45,1.0f), 4000.0f);


FileOutputStream fos(f);



Anybody ever used MIDI recording with absolute timestamps?

Your file sounds good in Windows Media Player, VLC media player and in my own juce based daw for what it’s worth…
Sounds like a very fast staccato forte in Synthfont however. And on my Android it plays veeeerrryy slooooooooowwww…
Maybe Reaper can´t handle smpte coded midi files?