MIDI Input: Devices Cannot Be Closed

Hey Jules,

I’m still playing around with the MIDI code from the most current tip, and realized that there is no direct means of closing a MIDI input device.

The issue I’m getting is when I switch to another device, and back to a previous one I’ve opened: when switching back, I receive an error that the device has already been allocated (error of type MMSYSERR_ALLOCATED). This is occurring when the native Windows method midiInOpen() in juce_win32_Midi.cpp is called (see line 276).

Would it be possible to implement a device closing method within the juce::MidiInput class? As well, is there a means of grabbing a handle to an already opened/allocated MIDI device (in Windows)?

Maybe try deleting the device?

And that was one large brain-fart; rendering what I’ve posted useless. epic facepalm