Midi input for Audio FX

Hello !

noob question:
I want to input midi to set the cutoff of a filter,
My AudioProcessor::ProcessBlock receive the juce::MidiBuffer& but I don’t understand how I’m suppose to extract the midi note from the raw midi data…

Thanks for your help !

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Look at the arppegiatorplugindemo example which processes incoming MIDI data.

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That’s the first place I went to, but this Tutorial use midiMessage, and the fonction gives me midiBuffer

Sorry. Then as @leehu, suggested:


    void processBlock (juce::AudioBuffer<float>& buffer, juce::MidiBuffer& midi) override
        // the audio buffer in a midi effect will have zero channels!
        jassert (buffer.getNumChannels() == 0);                                                         // [6]
        // however we use the buffer to get timing information
        auto numSamples = buffer.getNumSamples();                                                       // [7]
        // get note duration
        auto noteDuration = static_cast<int> (std::ceil (rate * 0.25f * (0.1f + (1.0f - (*speed)))));   // [8]
        for (const auto metadata : midi)                                                                // [9]
            const auto msg = metadata.getMessage();
            if      (msg.isNoteOn())  notes.add (msg.getNoteNumber());
            else if (msg.isNoteOff()) notes.removeValue (msg.getNoteNumber());
        midi.clear();                                                                                   // [10]
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Thanks a lot !
It’s exaclty what I was searching for !
I looked in the exemples but the arpegiator flew under my radar :wink:

Thanks !