Midi Input

I was wondering if anyone could provide a sample program for getting midi input from a midi piano. it could be useful to use as a starting point


the juce demo does that on its audio page, doesn’t it?

thanks a lot Jules. I’ll take a look. Im still new to Juce and im still having problems setting up the library. I’m researching the discussion forums for solutions.

btw once we get input from lets say a piano for example. Its going to be of type midiMessage right?

Hows the format of the input exactly


I was just confused between the different sources of input.

Is a piano considered to be a MidiInput, Synthesiser, AudioSource?

Jules, I was recently checking the audio demo file but since i didnt set up the jules library i couldnt run to understand exactly whats going on.
i realized there is a physical midi device but was wondering why it wasnt declared as MidiInput type?


Sorry, I don’t have time to write a “midi 101” for you here! The MidiInput is what you’re after - and yes, it gives you midi messages. The demo shows an example of using that to drive a synthesiser.