Midi note hangs when playing notes very fast while recording

I was able to reproduce this in WaveForm.

  1. Create a track
  2. Select a mid input (I do my tests with the MPK mini but any keyboard will work).
  3. Select a plugin (I was using the PAPU_64B but again, I think any plugin will do it).
  4. Start recording
  5. Press keys as fast as possible

At some point, you will get one of the notes sustaining without having to press any keys on the keyboard. The note will turn off when you stop the recording.

The problem seems to be in the following:
I’ve put traces to try to understand the flow.
When the note hangs, I can see that the midi notes On do not equal the midi notes Off.
Where as the midi On and Off always match in the following:

If anyone has a suggestion please let me know.


Hello, thanks for answering.
Not sure why your post was deleted.
Anyway, I tried that setChannel but for me, this method is not called (breakpoint doesn’t stop).
So no amount of commenting will change anything.
For my case, it must be something else. It’s a big problem.