MIDI-out in AudioDeviceManager/AudioDeviceSelectorComponent

Just got my first DemoFilter to compile and run, which wasn’t too hard to figure out thanks to the clean design of JUCE.

One small suggestion though : I was playing with the standalone wrapper and needed to send midi from the plug to a MidiOutput device. As the standard AudioDeviceManager only handles MIDI input, I got this to work by adding a midi-output device to AudioFilterStreamer/AudioFilterStreamerDeviceManager.

But maybe it would be more interesting to add support for MIDI output on a higher level into AudioDeviceManager itself? That would probably also require an extra option in AudioDeviceSelectorComponent for specifying the MIDI output devices to use… And perhaps a kind of MidiOutputCallback listener on the AudioDeviceManager that filters can call for sending their MIDI output to?

It’s just a suggestion. If you like I could give that a shot and send you the code?

Thanks again for this great library.

Glad you’re enjoying it. Yes, that’d be a nice thing to have - if you do want to have a shot at it I’d be happy to check out what you come up with. Cheers.