MIDI over USB in Android?


I was looking at Google’s Phil Burk implementation of “Plug & Play” MIDI over USB in his midi-suite GitHub repo.

By looking at the Android manifest files, for example here or here, one can see that a service is declared to handle the connection / disconnection of externl MIDI hardware, via the android.permission.BIND_MIDI_DEVICE_SERVICE permission.

This permission is also present in other Google Android MIDI sample code found here in the android-midi Google group, for example in the MidiSynth Manifest file.

My question is the following: why in the Projucer-generated AndroidManifest.xml file this service / permission is not present?
Isn’t it needed to support MIDI over USB in Android?


Hi @Mathieu, it’s not needed for the way that JUCE uses MIDI over USB in Android. It will work without that permission.

I see, thank you @fabian