MIDI Plugins for Komplete Kontrol

I’m developing a VST3 plugin which I want to host in NI Komplete Kontrol so that I can control MIDI patches and parameters on my external synths from my Komplete Kontrol keyboard.

These keyboards work in either basic MIDI mode or plugin mode with NI NKS plugins or 3rd party VSTs hosted in the Komplete Kontrol standsalone or VST.

One thing I’ve discovered is that when using a VST, KK does not output MIDI to a buffer like most hosts do. I guess that in this mode they have designed it so it will only forward on MIDI to a DAW if an NKS plugin is being used.
However I found that I can explicitly open a MIDI device output port from my own plugin and that works quite well to get round this.

BUT this only works within the Komplete Kontrol standalone host or a standalone Juce plugin.
If you try to load the VST in Cubase, Cantabile, or the KK VST they just bomb out completely.
I can quite understand that opening a port directly is probably a violation of the plugin architecture somewhere. So I just assumed this wasn’t at all possible.

However I have just found that some plugins (eg my reKon Audio plugin for Blofeld) do also allow opening MIDI device input and output ports while being hosted in a DAW. So perhaps there is a way to achieve this after all.

So my question is, does anyone know how this can be done without upsetting the host application?